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Crowdfunding and social media: you’re probably doing it wrong!

A professional and personal life experience, that’s how I would sum up my first successful crowdfunding campaign. A few elements of context : Our objective was to fund a new … Continue reading

22/03/2013 · 4 Comments

Is Japan compatible with social media ?

The forthcoming community-based world Coming back from a two-weeks trip in Japan, I want to share a few thoughts about the state of the digital & social media over there, … Continue reading

19/12/2012 · 1 Comment

Playing with data #2 : Engagement, contents and fans on Facebook (Netvizz/Gephi)

As I just finished my first Coursera MOOC on “Social Network Analysis” (a BIG thanks and congrats to Lada Adamic, our professor on 8 intense weeks of data-tweaking), I wanted to … Continue reading

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A social media strategy for Goldman Sachs

We’ve all heard about « Hello, world ! » ! What’s new is when it’s Goldman Sachs saying this, wih a job offer for a « social media manager » posted this month. Well, … Continue reading

13/05/2012 · 7 Comments

Social media in Europe : harnessing the complexity of the 21st century

In the last few weeks, two events had me think much about my Old Europe, in particular the way my continent deals with social media. And I feel these two … Continue reading

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[#SXSW] Customers know when you’re not being authentic. A summary of Branding without Bullshit

Talking branding, for us marketers, always sounds weird, as it often means a way of communication more and more rejected by suspicious or cynical consumers. Can’t say they’re wrong, as … Continue reading

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