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AppStore economics: building and launching your app

The AppStore, and Google Play to a lesser extent, are closed and mysterious worlds, especially when you compare them with “the web”, yes, you know, this old thing whose “end” … Continue reading

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Is Japan compatible with social media ?

The forthcoming community-based world Coming back from a two-weeks trip in Japan, I want to share a few thoughts about the state of the digital & social media over there, … Continue reading

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Going social in Asia #1 : a glance at agencies, products and people of social media in Singapore and Malaysia

“They’re not good at ideas”, but are more “digitally fluent” than Westerners. It’s a “huge market” (growing hugely, say), but some of the big players of the industry don’t even … Continue reading

03/09/2012 · 2 Comments

Brands, “sound mapping” and experiential marketing on social media

Paris is busy these days with its digital world festival, known as Futur en Seine. A kind of broader SXSW, where anyone interested in 3D printing, connected cities, open-data or … Continue reading

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[#SXSW] Customers know when you’re not being authentic. A summary of Branding without Bullshit

Talking branding, for us marketers, always sounds weird, as it often means a way of communication more and more rejected by suspicious or cynical consumers. Can’t say they’re wrong, as … Continue reading

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