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Facebook Graph Search: the Lemmings vs. Kant

Sometimes, I really think Facebook is not made by humans living in real life, but by the team behind Lemmings. If you’re unaware of this great and old game of … Continue reading

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Playing with data #2 : Engagement, contents and fans on Facebook (Netvizz/Gephi)

As I just finished my first Coursera MOOC on “Social Network Analysis” (a BIG thanks and congrats to Lada Adamic, our professor on 8 intense weeks of data-tweaking), I wanted to … Continue reading

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Playing with data #1 : Facebook friends and Twitter conversation in Singapore

You’ve probably seen some samples of what I’d call “social data-mining” on tech sites and blogs. Usually, you feel like you’re in front of a spaghetti bowl that would have … Continue reading

28/09/2012 · 2 Comments

How to value big data ? Methodological issues and a glance at the future

Everyone has data, and we’re many to talk about them. But how can we monetize, or at least value social media data ? Here’s a few ideas given by companies … Continue reading

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A social media strategy for Goldman Sachs

We’ve all heard about « Hello, world ! » ! What’s new is when it’s Goldman Sachs saying this, wih a job offer for a « social media manager » posted this month. Well, … Continue reading

13/05/2012 · 7 Comments

How Facebook changed birthday celebration

Social media, Facebook especially, changes the way we celebrate birthdays. Before Facebook (remember ?), people did celebrate birthdays the traditional way : either you would remember the day and be … Continue reading

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