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Tech and cultural trends from Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia

Startup Asia is one of South-East Asia main tech conferences, with two days of speeches, demo, contests and networking. The opening pre-event talk this week in Singapore was an opportunity … Continue reading

05/04/2013 · 2 Comments

From crowdfunding to new media at SXSW: an entrepreneurial journalism journey

We talked last time of what worked and not during a crowdfunding campaign, using both social media and IRL connections to get a project funded. I’d like to write a … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding and social media: you’re probably doing it wrong!

A professional and personal life experience, that’s how I would sum up my first successful crowdfunding campaign. A few elements of context : Our objective was to fund a new … Continue reading

22/03/2013 · 4 Comments

#RockmySXSW – L’exploration spatiale, nouvelle frontière du rêve américain

L’espace, là voilà, la nouvelle frontière des Américains. Cette année, le festival SXSW fait une place étonnante àl’exploration spatiale, avec d’un côté un investissement conséquent de la NASA dans la conférence, et de l’autre … Continue reading

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Facebook Graph Search: the Lemmings vs. Kant

Sometimes, I really think Facebook is not made by humans living in real life, but by the team behind Lemmings. If you’re unaware of this great and old game of … Continue reading

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Is Japan compatible with social media ?

The forthcoming community-based world Coming back from a two-weeks trip in Japan, I want to share a few thoughts about the state of the digital & social media over there, … Continue reading

19/12/2012 · 1 Comment

Chris Anderson’s “Makers” : when customers turn into community

I’ve long refused reading the books of the top minds of the Valley, probably from fear I could be convinced and would have to change my “fixed mindset” as I … Continue reading

22/11/2012 · 12 Comments

When San Francisco meets Singapore : a day at Failcon

 If Singapore is not (yet ?) famous for its tech scene, it’s gradually growing as such with a cosmopolite bunch of people, events and media outlets building the beginning of … Continue reading

16/10/2012 · 2 Comments

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